About Us

PACE Education is an independent and specialist provider of alternative education, welcoming young people who have become disengaged from mainstream learning and/or those who have an Education, Health & Care plan. PACE offers personalised education to secondary age students at its school in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Lessons aren’t restricted to the kind found in mainstream schools. From achieving GCSEs and key learning milestones to pursuing industry recognised awards or ASDAN qualifications and enjoying extra-curricular activities, there is plenty to get young people motivated. We aim to revive a pupil’s passion for learning and for life.

Young people are taught in small groups – a typical group size is four pupils with two members of staff supporting their individual needs. We also provide additional intervention where necessary.

As well as providing tailored education packages and behaviour management programmes, PACE has established great working links with external agencies concerned with a young person's welfare. This includes: parents and carers; schools; local education authorities; SEN monitoring and assessment teams; youth offending services; children and young people's services; local police; the school nurse and health service; careers advice; alcohol and drug awareness teams; and CAMHS

Aims and Values

Our goal is simple. We want to create memories and experiences with our children that last a lifetime; where they feel truly valued, respected, safe and secure.

We achieve this through the use of our consistent and simple principles:

  • Care – We ensure a child’s basic needs are met
  • Empathy – We don’t judge or shame, instead we listen, understand and support
  • Resilience – We never give up
  • Relationships – We take the time to get to know you and have a genuine interest in you as a person
  • Restoration – We review all incidents and use this as an opportunity to learn and modify behaviour