Pace Education is a specialist school registered to work with up to 28 young people between 13 – 16 years old. All of our pupils must have an EHCP and the majority will have social, emotional & mental health needs as well as other diagnoses such as autism and ADHD.

Due to the educational histories of our pupils, we understand that they may be anxious or school phobic and or have an incredibly negative view of what school is. We also appreciate that many pupils may have missed significant periods of education and therefore have gaps in their knowledge.


All pupils must be referred to us directly by the Local Authority. Upon receipt of the consultation and any additional information, the Senior Leadership Team will review and decide whether or not to proceed.

This initial decision will be based on:

  • Whether the school believes they can effectively meet the child’s needs;
  • If there is space in the required year or academic group;
  • Whether the pupil would be a good match with the existing cohort of children.

If this is met, the school will liaise with the local authority and arrange for parents/carers and the child to visit the school. During this time, both the school and parents/carers will sue this as an opportunity to find out more information and ensure that the school is a good match. If after the visit all parties believe the placement is appropriate, then the admissions process will progress to working towards an agreed start date.


Whilst awaiting a start date and for all other arrangements. Parents/carers and the child will be sent further information about the school including key policies and an example timetable. We can also arrange additional visits for the child to meet key staff.

As we progress towards a start date, the Headteacher will work with the local authority and parents/carers to agree a transition plan into school. This will pay particular attention to:

  • The child’s educational history;
  • A child’s specific needs and anxieties around returning to school;
  • What is most likely to make the placement succeed.

For some pupils, it may be appropriate to start full time but for others, they may need a short period of time where they for example, do mornings only. This process will be reviewed every 2 weeks with a key focus on progressing a child to full time education as quickly as possible.