Our curriculum intent is to personalise learning experiences enabling each individual to realise their full potential. This is achieved through supporting students to overcome adversity, build resilience and become successful citizens.

We achieve this through blending academic, vocational and outdoor based learning with a high emphasis on the development of social and life skills, and by contributing to the local community. We teach in small groups, maximum of 6, and this means we really get to know the pupils we work with and can tailor our approach to meet individual needs.

Throughout our broad curriculum, we offer accreditation opportunities from Entry Level through to GCSE / Level 2. This means we can pitch our curriculum at the right level for pupils and means that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and progress to courses and careers of interest.

To facilitate our curriculum, we have dedicated learning spaces for core subjects, a catering room and horticulture unit. We also have community links for pupils to access a variety of sports & fitness, and where appropriate, we have links with external providers for more specialist courses.

Careers Education

Careers is delivered holistically in the lower years through PSHE where we investigate aims, aspirations and goal setting.

We also look at a variety of careers and start to identify what pupils might need in order to pursue these.

During year 11, pupils receive a dedicated timetabled session for Post-16 where we discuss careers, aspirations, skills, and work on activities such as CV's, writing supporting letters, interview techniques and completing application forms. We also investigate the post 16 opportunities for the pupils including local colleges, training providers and apprenticeships and support our pupils in completing the necessary paperwork/online submissions.

As part of Key Stage 4, we also visit local providers so that pupils can see what their next steps may look like.

Wider curriculum

Through our extended curriculum, pupils are able to explore and develop their interests in a wide variety of areas such as cooking and horticulture.

Our pupils design and develop our grounds and are supported to complete practical tasks such as building flower beds and picnic benches. We also aim to support and complete community based projects. This gives our pupils a real sense of pride and develops their ownership of the school itself.

Along with this, we also utilise outdoor education to expose our pupils to a wide variety of new experiences. Whether it be visiting local castles and courts or trying a new activity such as climbing or skiing, we allow children to try new things in a safe and structured environment.

Outcomes & Destinations

Outcomes & Destinations

Of 8 year 11 pupils:

  • 87.5% of pupils achieved a recognised English qualification
  • 62.5% of pupils achieved a Functional Skills Level 1 or higher English qualification
  • 50% of pupils achieved a Functional Skills Level 2 or equivalent in English
  • 75% of pupils achieved a recognised Maths qualification
  • 50% of pupils achieved a Functional Skills Level 1 or higher Maths qualification
  • 75% of pupils achieved a recognised English and Maths award
  • 50% of pupils achieved a Functional Skills Level 1 or higher award in English and Maths




  • 87.5% of pupils secured a post-16 placement in education or training