Our curriculum intent is to personalise learning experiences, enabling each individual to realise their full potential.

This is achieved through supporting pupils to overcome adversity, build resilience and become successful citizens.

We achieve this through blending academic, vocational and outdoor based learning, with a high emphasis on the development of social and life skills, and by contributing to the local community. We teach in small groups which allows us all to get to know one another as a school community.

Throughout our broad curriculum, we offer accreditation opportunities from Entry Level through to GCSE / Level 2, dependant on each child’s learning pathway and progress. This creates a culture where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and progress into career pathways.

To facilitate our curriculum, we have dedicated learning spaces for core subjects, a catering room and horticulture unit. We also have community links for students to access a variety of sports & fitness, and where appropriate, we have links with external providers for more specialist courses.

2021 outcomes

2022 outcomes

2023 outcomes

  • 75% of students in Y8-10 made good progress from their baseline in Maths (attendance being the key limiting factor for the students who did not achieve this)
  • 88% made good or better progress in English.
  • 3 students made outstanding progress in English, each progressing by more than 3 levels from their baseline assessment in 2020.
  • 97% of all students took an Entry Level (or higher) paper in both Maths and English
  • 71% of Year 11 achieved an Entry Level in maths
  • One student gained an Entry Level 2 in maths having joined in Year 10 with a baseline of Pre-Entry
  • One student who was educated off site gained a Level 2 Home Cooking Skills BTEC
  • One student gained a Level 1 in Motor Vehicle
  • One student (current year 10) made outstanding progress (5 P levels) in maths
  • 62% of year 11 leavers made outstanding (two or more P levels) progress in maths
  • 60% of year 11 students made good (at least one P levels) progress
  • All current year 10 students made good (at least one P level) of progress in English
  • All current students made good (at least one P level) progress in Science
  • 3 current students made outstanding (3 levels) progress in Science
  • 93% of students gained an Entry Level qualification in English
  • 85% of Year 11 students gained a maths qualification in ether Functional Skills or GCSE
  • One student achieved a GCSE Grade 4 in both maths and English Language
  • 50% of Year 11 students gained an ICT qualification – a significant increase from last year
  • 2 students have gained a Level 1 in Home Cooking Skills
  • 100% of students who were entered gained a Bronze Award in their Duke of Edinburgh course having completed their expedition.
  • 2 Year 11 students achieved both a Functional Skill Entry 2 in English and Entry 3 Reading having joined the school at Entry Level 2 or lower.
  • 3 students achieved a Level 1 in Functional Skills English
  • One Year 8 student has already completed Entry Level 2 in maths and English
  • We have had a total of 13 accreditations in Functional Skills English
  • We have had a total of 14 accreditations in Functional Skills maths
  • 60% of students have made good or excellent progress in English
  • 65% of students have made good or excellent progress in maths
  • 3 students have made excellent progress in Science (greater than 2 P levels of progress)

Careers Guidance

Careers education, information, advice and guidance is provided to all young people though a comprehensive PSHE programme.

At Pace Education, we’re committed to preparing each student for life beyond education. We ensure students have access to impartial career advice and have access to employers who can help them consider their future options.

Careers Vision:

To ensure students, their parents and carers, are informed and prepared to achieve aspirational next steps into adulthood and the world of work. Providing young people with a brighter future.

Careers Contacts:

They can be contacted on 01782 616660

During Year 10 and 11 students are provided with the opportunities to explore their next step in the educational journey. This phase provides them with an insight into the varied options in Post 16 education as part of the careers curriculum. The students can then go on to make informed choices towards their options.

To prepare for their transition at the end of Year 11 visits to college providers take place. These are within the Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire areas and local to their place of residence.

Students are given the opportunity to take part in Work Experience at Key Stage 4 if deemed appropriate.

We consider the use of educational visits, education in the community, guest speakers and work experience, an essential element of our students overall educational entitlement as part of a planned curriculum and individualised programme. These experiences enable our pupils to learn, develop, practise and generalise their learning in realistic settings and other environments.

All Year 11 pupils have a careers plan provided by the Careers Adviser, with additional support provided by a dedicated key worker. This enables a bespoke transition programme for each student on their journey into post-16 settings.