Welcome to this section where you can see key information about the school and what are pupils have been engaging with. We will update this section with events, news stories and newsletters to keep you informed of everything Pace.

Typical school day

Our pupils arrive around 9am and the day begins with a 20-minute tutor period. During this time, there are planned activities such as reading or assembly and pupils also get the opportunity to have some breakfast.

The morning then consists of 3 x 1 hour lessons which will be core learning such as English, maths, ICT, science and PSHE. These lesson have 2 x 15 minute breaks in between to allow pupils to meet any sensory needs, get some fresh air or have a drink and snack.

After lunch, there is an extended session where pupils access practical and vocational learning such as PE or catering. The day then ends with a 10 minute tutor to review the day and await transport home.

We find that pupils respond well to having access to a break between sessions and this allows pupils to engage most effectively with their learning.