Pastoral Approach

Our Pastoral emphasis is based on building high-quality, authentic relationships with our pupils. We achieve through providing small group learning and by matching our pupils by their developmental stage as opposed to their chronological age. This means pupils are well matched and we can tailor pastoral approaches to individual group and child needs.

In support of this, all our staff receive training in trauma, attachment, ASD, ADHD and other needs our pupils may have. We also emphasise the importance of therapeutic approaches and focus on the recognition and reward of positive choices rather than sanctioning negative ones. Pupils achieve points throughout the week and then these can be exchanged for a variety of items, all of which are tailored to each individuals’ personal interests. We find these to be a far more effective way of modifying behaviour as many pupils’ previous experience of education is negative and sanction focussed. We aim to break this and remind children that school is a happy and safe place.

Emotional wellbeing

We understand the importance of positive mental wellbeing and good mental health which is why we implement the principles of Unconditional Positive Regard.

Everyday is a new day and we never shame a child for a behaviour.

To develop this, we place a significant importance on developing a pupil’s emotional literacy. By allowing children to explore and understand feelings and the mental and physical aspects attached to them, pupils learn to identify what emotions they are experiencing. Once achieved, we can then provide a more targeted support package and are continually developing our therapeutic approach to support children.