Pastoral and Therapeutic Approach

Our Pastoral emphasis is based on building high-quality, authentic relationships with our students.

We achieve this through providing small group learning and by matching our students by their developmental stage as opposed to their chronological age. Our curriculum offer is differentiated to ensure all students progress.

In support of this, all our staff receive training in trauma, attachment, ASD, ADHD, Zones of Regulation, restorative practices and other needs dependent on cohort and individuals. We also emphasise the importance of therapeutic approaches and focus on the recognition and reward of positive choices rather than sanctioning negative ones. We find these to be a far more effective way of modifying behaviour as many pupils’ previous experience of education is negative and sanction focussed. We aim to remove this barrier.

Emotional wellbeing

We understand the importance of positive mental wellbeing.

We have a comprehensive personal development programme in place for all children and their thoughts and wishes are very important to us. We advocate the voice of the child.

Staff are aware and sensitive to the emotional stress additional needs can have on the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing alongside the impact it may have on the family. It is because of this there is close working relationships with external professionals such as educational psychologist, CAMHS, social services, specialist nurses and GPs.

Where support is indicated, meetings are held with the parent/carers to identify the input required and which, if any, agency to best supports the child and their family. The aim is for a home school plan so that there is a holistic approach.

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

SALT and trauma-based therapy is integrated into our students’ education plans. This provides a continuation in the care students experience through working closely with parents/carers.

Pace work closely with Together Let's Communicate (TLC).

Sunita Shah, Director Together Let's Communicate Limited

Together Let’s Communicate is an independent Speech and Language Therapy practice, which has relocated back to Cheshire; after being one of the leading practices in Northwest London. Sunita Shah, speech and language therapist has over 20 years of experience working in the NHS and the independent sector. Sunita provides personalised assessment and intervention tailored to meet the communication needs of each individual student.

Together Let’s Communicate offers consultations to maximise a total communication environment, to enhance and develop social, behavioural and communication skills for ALL students. Sunita successfully delivered various interventions such as narrative therapy and, Zones of regulation, which has benefitted the teachers and students, and shown positive outcomes.

Sunita supports students in secondary placements with a social emotional behavioural curriculum. This has been very successful for students who are school refusers, social communication difficulties, challenging behaviours, and emotional and mental health needs.