Young People

We are incredibly proud of our student council who play a significant role in the development of our school. Our council meet as a minimum of half termly where we discuss different focusses ranging from uniform to behaviour to new developments.

We highly value our pupil feedback and examples of what we have achieved as a result of student voice are:

  • Redesigned kitchen to improve catering lessons and allow us to work towards a higher-level qualification
  • Introduction of horticulture units and inclusion of this on the timetable
  • Introduction of a gym that pupils can access during extra-curricular time.

We look forward to sharing new initiatives as we meet and publishing them here for everyone to see!

Things we are proud of

We have been working hard to make up for all the missed opportunities during Covid-19 and have been on a variety of trips and visits to make up for lost time!

Some of the things we have really enjoyed are:

  • Visiting Beeston Castle and learning about all its history
  • Going to Cadbury World and seeing how chocolate is made
  • Going to the National Arboretum
  • Learning how to climb and getting better at it

We can’t wait to take part in more experiences and will share some pictures soon!